Setting Up Custom Prompts

Here are the step-by-step instructions to set up Time Based Prompts that appear from the trigger icon of your bot after a set duration of inactivity:

Time-Based Prompts are pop up messages that appear from the trigger icon of your bot, either immediately when a user visits your website or after a set duration of inactivity(which can be configured by you)

This alerts the user to the presence/availability of your bot, who may otherwise be unsure with his queries or the way he should interact with your website.

These Prompts can vary depending on which page of your website the user visits, allowing for a more fluid and dynamic interaction.

Log in to the Dashboard -> navigate to the overview page of the bot that you want to change. Click on the box-shaped icon on the right side of the bot you want to make changes in.

Next, Click on the "Bot Appearance" button

You will now see a page with options to modify various aspects of your bot, along with a preview of your bot on the right side. Above this preview click on the "Advanced" button.

You will now see an empty page saying "No Notification List found". On the right corner of the page click on "Add New".

A section will now open up, asking you for the configuration and details of the prompt you want.

Here in the first input "Path Name" add the path of page you want that specific prompt to appear.

Can't figure out how to add path of your desired page? Checkout the drop-down below.

Adding Path of your desired page

The best way to explain this is through an example.

Navigate to the page on which you want your bot to send this particular prompt.

In my example, this will be the pricing page, of

Now from the URL bar on top, copy the URL/Path from the end of the home page URL to the end of entire URL, as shown below.

Paste this in the "Path Name" input field.

Next, if you wish to, change the inactivity duration after which your prompt will be shown. Click on the second input "Waiting Time" and enter your desired duration in numbers.

Keep in mind these numbers represent Seconds and your minimum inactivity duration cannot be lower than 2 seconds.

Now click on the "Add New Message" button. A prompt will appear where you can type your desired message.

Click on "Save". After this you can either add another message and follow the above 2 steps or Click on "Save" in the New Notification Section to save this Prompt.

It will then be listed as shown below.

You can then click on this notification to edit, disable, enable, test or delete it.

That's it, your bot will now take the initiative and start the conversation whenever it detects users being inactive!

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