🚩Flag And Train

Introducing Flagging And Traning Feature - A Simple Solution for Continuous Learning

One of the features of Chat In Flow is The Flagging Feature that enables users to flag incorrect responses during test chats or from chat history. The flagged responses are then marked and made available for simple correction in the training section. This feature helps to enhance the chatbot's knowledge by enabling trainers to update the correct responses and train the bot for better performance.

To use this feature, follow these simple steps :

Step 1 - Flag Responses during testing

During test chats invoked either from testing page on the dashboard page or using test bot links, if you or your team comes across any response that doesn't seem right and needs to be corrected, click on the "Flag" icon visible when you hover on the respective response message.

Step 2 - Flag Incorrect Responses from History

From chat history, select the message that needs to be corrected and click on the "Flag" button.

Step 3 - Navigate to Training Page

All the query-response pairs which are flagged in previous steps will be visible in the training section and collated together for correction.

Step 4 - Audit and Update Correct Responses

Click on the "AUDIT" button for the flagged message that needs to be corrected, and update it with the correct response.

Step 5 - Train Corrected Responses

Once all the flagged messages have been corrected, train the bot with the updated responses. Once training is successfully completed you will be redirected to testing screen where you can verify your bot with the updated knowledge you have trained with.

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