📃Setting Lead Form

Here are the step-by-step instructions to set up the lead form for your bot's chat:

Simply defined, leads in marketing refer to any individual or organisation within your marketing reach who has interacted with your brand way or has the potential to become a future customer.

Leads are crucial for sales & marketing.

Your bot can capture Lead information of any user that interacts with it and store it on your dashboard for future reference. The properties and nature of these leads can be configured by you.

Log in to the Dashboard -> navigate to the overview page of the bot that you want to change. Click on the box-shaped icon on the right side of the bot you want to make changes in.

Next, Click on the "Bot Appearance" button

You will now see a page with options to modify various aspects of your bot, along with a preview of your bot on the right side. Here, Click on the "Lead Form" drop down.

After this, you will see a list of configurations. These configurations are indexed with respect to their set on instructions in the list below the image.

  1. The first check-box on the top right corner is "Required", checking this box will ensure that the user cannot start the conversation without filling in the lead form. The second is the "Active" switch, which if switched-off, will disable the Lead Form altogether.

  2. The "Required" & "Active" buttons on this index function similar to the ones mentioned above, except they function for the property they are designated for. For example, switching-off the name "Active" switch will remove name from the Lead Form. The third parameter is "Set Primary", Learn more about primary identifiers of Leads in the drop-down below.

Primary Identifiers

Whenever a Lead is collected it has at least one property that is unique to it, which can be used to identify it in a large collection of leads. It is also a value that must always be present, for every lead.

This is known as a Primary Identifier.

Setting a Field as Primary Identifier in your Lead Form Configuration means that no two leads can have the same value for that field.

This also means that this field cannot be disabled as long as the lead form is enabled.

  1. If you feel that the default Lead properties are not suited for your needs, you can add more fields by clicking on "Add New" button. This will display a set of configurations for your new field.

In the "Variable" input you set the name of your field, and from the drop-down on the right you can select the type of input you want - "Text", "Number" or "Dropdown". Click on the section provided below for more on how to configure Dropdowns.

Adding Dropdown values

Dropdown inputs will provide users with a set of options they can select from in the Lead Form, this is especially useful for displaying something like a Product Catalogue.

If you select "Dropdown" in the input type, you will see an additional configuration as shown below.

Here click on, "Add Dropdown Option".

In the "Label" input you can enter the text that your users will see, in "Value" you can enter the value you will receive upon that option being clicked.

Click on "Add" to add this option. Repeat this process until all options are added to the list.

Finally, click on "Save" to save the new field you have created or "Cancel" to discard your changes.

  1. Finally, the "submit button text" field simply changes the text of the button that your users click on to submit their lead forms.

Once these steps have been followed, click on "Save" above your bot preview to save all the changes to your Lead Form.

That's it! You have successfully set up the lead form for your bot's chat. Now, when users interact with your bot, they will have the option to fill out the lead form with the information you specified. You can access the collected information through the Leads section in the Dashboard.

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